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History of the Buckeye Breed and Articles       
The American Buckeye Poultry Club
Excellent information to be found on the website of The Livestock Conservancy:

Under their Chicken Assessment for Improving Productivity Section:
Selecting for Meat Qualities and Rate of Growth
Selecting for Egg Production
Ongoing Selection of Breeding Stock
Buckeye Chick Assessment Form (this in particular is quite valuable to breeders when looking over birds during the culling
process, and we thank the Livestock Conservancy again for all the wonderful work they've done with the Buckeye breed!)
A discussion of the term
Heritage and how the LC defines it and uses it.
A downloadable
Flyer that can be used which discusses Heritage Chickens.
We are an Associate Member of the LC, and
we encourage you to join them too! Here's their membership form.

There is an awful lot of information out there that talks about the history of the Buckeye chicken, and some of it is conflicting.
But we have
an article written by Nettie Metcalf herself, for the Pacific Fancier Magazine in their Volume VII, No. 4, April 1909
edition. The article has been scanned in its entirety, and contains every word Nettie wote, and even some pictures of her birds and
both her farms, the one in Ohio where she created her famous birds, and the one in California where she subsequently moved.
It even has information on the birds she used to create her Buckeyes, and the breed club she founded and was President of, The
National Red Feather Club. Check it out, it makes for fascinating reading for anyone who's a fan of these great birds!

As well, here is another article about
the history of the Buckeye chicken, written by Mrs. Metcalf herself, that was published in
the October, 1917 edition of
Poultry Success magazine.

See this great section on
Buckeye chickens in the historical book "The Mating and Breeding of Poultry" by Harry M. Lamon and
Rob R. Slocum.

See this page for a wonderful
comparison between Buckeye and Rhode Island Red chickens, from the May, 1912 copy of
American Poultry Advocate.
Determining Gender
This is a page we've put together to show you some tips and tricks for determining gender in young chickens.

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Showing your chickens

Laura Haggarty has provided several articles on how to show your chickens, donated from her farm website Pathfinders Farm.

Conditioning and Prepping for Shows

How to Fill Out a Show Entry Form

What to Expect at Your First Poultry Show

How to Wash a Chicken For a Show