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The American Buckeye Poultry Club
We encourage club members to send us their photos and artwork for inclusion on the club page. Please send your photos to
americanbuckeyepoultryclub@gmail.com and we'll get them up here as soon as we can!
Drawing by Matty Krut of Kentucky
This wonderful image was
donated to the club by
non-member, young Madalyn
Krut, of Kentucky, who did
this drawing at the OH
National in 2012.

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Rich Mahogany Bay coloration
This lovely horse is a "rich mahogany bay" that the
APA 2010
Standard of Perfection calls for in the large
fowl Buckeye chicken. This image is copyright by
Double Diamond Quarter Horses, and shows "No
Rhyme Know Reason" aka: "Cowboy", owned by
Kathy McKay of Almira, WA.
her website here:
Northrup Canyon Horseback Riding.
Buckeye nuts, after which the chickens were named.
Nuts from a Buckeye tree
Buckeye bar of slate
The famous "Bar of Slate" which should
be present in feathers found on the back
of any Buckeye chicken.
1910 Buckeye rooster and hen
1915 Buckeye cock bird and hen
Vintage pictures of Buckeye chickens from old (out of copyright) Standards of Perfection from the
American Poultry Association.