Youth Members
The American Buckeye Poultry Club
We are excited to announce our partnership with the Youth
Exhibition Poultry Association. With this partnership we can
work together to help juniors better understand both the
Buckeye breed as well as other breeds of poultry.

This program will provide youth with opportunities to practice
sportsmanship, co-operation with other participants,
involvement in their home community and provide a
community service.

The student will be encouraged to study, engage in
constructive activities, use his or her imagination, cooperate
with other individuals and groups and develop individual talents
and abilities.

For more information, please see this file:
ABPC Partnership
with the Youth Exhibition Poultry Association.

And to download a joint membership file for the ABPC and
the YEPA, see this file:
Youth Exhibition Poultry Association

The ABPC is also a strong supporter of 4-H at both the
national and the local levels, and
Future Farmers of America,
the National FFA Organization, at all levels.

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